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Article #12  Date Entered: 01-01-2009
Sometime in the next two weeks we will need to move all our servers a few floors up in the building. The estimated down time will be 30 minutes per server, but probably less than that.

On with the migration, all of Techost's servers will be down as they will be relocated as well. The helpdesk will not be accessible.

Our initial schedule hopes to allow up to move the HelpDesk, Client Area and Support Desk next Week. The reamaining servers are projected to be moved between the 26th and the 28th. These dates are preliminary and have not been verified and confirmed at the time of this message. We'll post more information once we are for certain.

Nothing is changing besides the move. Your IP will remain the same and you will remain on the same server you are currently hosted on. Nothing is required besides your patience as we rearrange our network.

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