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Hosting - Linux Hosting - Linux
1. What is FTP? (viewed 2036 times)
2. If I use FrontPage, should I FTP my files? (viewed 2037 times)
3. Publishing Your Web Files with FrontPage (viewed 2021 times)
4. What are my default FTP account settings? (viewed 954 times)
5. cPanel Login Problems (viewed 1058 times)
6. What is cPanel? (viewed 2100 times)
7. Where can I find cPanel Manuals/Documentation? (viewed 2102 times)
8. Sub-Domain Not Working (viewed 899 times)
9. Adding a Parked Domain (viewed 2180 times)
10. Adding an Addon Domain (viewed 1110 times)
11. Configuring Remote Access for mySQL (viewed 918 times)
12. Installing a SSL Certificate (viewed 873 times)
13. How do I access my website before DNS propagation? (viewed 828 times)
14. Using FormMail (formmail) (viewed 899 times)
15. What is cURL? (viewed 855 times)
16. Finding out the PHP configuration on the server (viewed 2380 times)
17. Viewing installed Perl modules (viewed 801 times)
18. Service Port Numbers (viewed 1171 times)
19. I cannot send/receive email. What's wrong? (viewed 2358 times)
20. My disk space is maxed out. How did that happen? (viewed 848 times)
21. What settings should I use for my name servers? (viewed 783 times)
22. How do I ftp into my account? (viewed 810 times)
23. What if I can't use FTP? (viewed 777 times)
24. I have created an extra FTP account. How will that person connect? (viewed 770 times)
25. Anonymous FTP (viewed 2241 times)
26. How much downtime will there be when I transfer my site to you? (viewed 761 times)
27. What is the path to sendmail? (viewed 833 times)
28. What is the path to perl? (viewed 751 times)
29. Where is date? (viewed 795 times)
30. Where is my home directory? (viewed 779 times)
31. What is the CGI base directory? (viewed 787 times)
32. What Perl modules are installed and available for use? (viewed 769 times)
33. How do I control the default web page for my domain or subdomain? (viewed 777 times)

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